IYASA (Zimbabwe)

All ages (70 -90 minutes)

A music and dance production that will melt the hearts of many an audience. Iyasa presents a powerful menu of traditional and modern music from Africa and Zimbabwe. Afrika Alive is an explosion of traditional, contemporary, panstula, gumboot dances from Southern Africa. It chronicles the dances from the old and the young and the melod...Read more

China K

At the age of eight years the little China Keitetsi from Uganda was taken away from home by soldiers. She was taken to a recruiting camp and taught how to use a tragic consequences.
Based on a true life story, this production is an impressive mix of European puppet theatre and African acting, music and dance. It is not just a performance, but also a piece of African and European histor...Read more

Elephant moon (Elefantenmond)

"How bad conscience started"

In this African fairytale dance, acting, puppet theatre and African as well as European music are all used to tell the story. The powerful ensemble IYASA from Zimbabwe composed and sung the music for this piece. Theatro Piccolo added instrumental parts and final editing. It is suitable for children as well as adults. It’s Comic, touching and always flows with ...Read more


Girafika is a cocktail cultures in theatre, acting and powerful music. Impressive voices, fascinating choirs, live music and a rhythm that catches you right away!

The piece is inspired by a story by Zimbabwean author Christopher Mlalazi. It was adapted and recreated then directed by Picco Kellner. It addresses Issues such as envy, the distribution of resources and responsibility they are tr...Read more


DSCHUNGEL WIEN (Austria) & IYASA (Zimbabwe)
Music theatre / 45 minutes / for children aged 2 years and up

How sweet our dreams are when the sun goes to sleep! The day was full of adventures and our eyes grow tired. The sun blinks at us, as if it was saying: “Sleep well, my little One, we’ll meet again tomorrow, after the moon has guarded you. And then we ...Read more

SISONKE- as long as we're together

An international co-production of Dschungel Wien (Austria) and IYASA (Zimbabwe) and MAKEMAKE productions (Austria)

10 actors and dancers from Zimbabwe, Germany, Austria and Switzerland are questioning their roots, life habits and their country through theatre, dance, music and singing.
What value do their family and relationships have in those different cultures? How do they deal wit...Read more

Umntwana Afrika

Mr. Lebenstein visits Afrika and in particular Zimbabwe. He takes a crazy bus ride from Bulawayo to Lupane to Hwange then Victoria Falls and finally David Livingstone. During this jammed and squeezed, friendly, comic trip he tells a story about his pen pal Umntwana...

"Umntwana" means "child" in Ndebele, A language from Matabeleland in Zimbabwe. It’s an experience about funny and touching...Read more