Name: Innocent Nkululeko Dube
Stage Name:
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2001
Mr Dube was born in Plumtree close to the Ramokwebana River and was brought up by his grandparents. His love for the arts was evident in his childhood days as him and his friends would make dolls out of wire and sticks and make them dance while they sang and entertained their crowds all over the vil...Read More
Name: Siphephiso Magonya
Stage Name: Pepsie
Location: Austria
Joined IYASA: 2001
Being an artist was always my dream. I started performing at Mpopoma High School in Bulawayo. I was inspired by South African actress Lelethi Khumalo popularly known as SARAFINA....Read More
Name: Thembinkosi Dube
Stage Name: FIGO
Location: Zimbabwe (August-March), Austria (April-August)
Joined IYASA: 2001
I am a very humble guy.I was born on the 20th of May 1981.We are seven in our family and we hail from Mphoengs,Plumtree.I went to Matshayisikova Primary School in Bulawayo then proceeded to Mzingwane High School where I began to show my interest in the arts. I was inspired a lot by my brother Nkulu...Read More
Name: Future Madziwa
Stage Name: Fufu
Location: Austria
Joined IYASA: 2000
I am this crazy, funny character on stage. I play stand up comedy as a lady named Zi who believes she knows everything, is intelligent and sexy. She acts, she dances and she will break your ribs with laughter.Offstage I am humble and I like listening to music especially country music. I am a religio...Read More
Name: Martin Dube
Stage Name: Trixxy
Location: Bulawayo,Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2001
Martin is a positive risk taker who will not stop at anything to try and achieve good goals in life.I am a devoted Christian who is self disciplined and God fearing.I am one of the founder members of IYASA and I think I have also made a huge contribution to what IYASA is today....Read More
Name: Nomathamsanqa Treatie Mkwananzi
Stage Name: Noma or NaMboe
Location: Currently in USA
Joined IYASA:
I am Nomathamsanqa Treatie MkwananziI was born at Marondera Polyclinic Mzilkazi in Bulawayo on the 20Th of November 1982. I am the first born in my family and my only sister is Duduzile Mkwananzi. In 2003 I was blessed with a baby boy named Mbongeni Lawrence Dube. He was named after South African ar...Read More
Name: Silethemba Magonya
Stage Name: Tipsey
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: August 2001
My name is Silethemba Magonya. I was born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe at Pelandaba clinic on the 29Th of January 1985. I am nicknamed Tipsey.

I grew up in one of Bulawayo's old chaotic but exciting suburbs Njube.

I did my primary education at Insukamini Primary School from 1991 to 1997 an...Read More
Name: Sibonisiwe Sithole
Stage Name: Bonnie or Maboniboni
Location: Austria (March-August) Zimbabwe (August-March)
Joined IYASA: 2001
I am a simple lady with so much love for her job.I enjoy meeting people and making friends from all walks of life.I also enjoy working with kids a lot.I started being an artist when I was 10 years old.I was inspired by my grandfather who was also a musician and actor. At secondary school I joined th...Read More
Name: Nyasha Dziruni
Stage Name: Ngciwe, Shamie or Dzipdzirie
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2007
I used to sing a lot at school and marveled at my aunt Sonea who was a part of Iyasa and prayed and hoped that one day I could be like her.After school I made the decision to come down to Bulawayo and be part of my childhood dream group.When I started I was very shy and reserved and I did not believ...Read More
Name: Bekithemba Phiri
Stage Name: Marabha , Becks or SaSne
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2002
I joined Iyasa in 2002, my director and my mother inspired me to take my job seriously and pursue my dreams. It has paid dividends and I am so happy to have achieved what I have in the arts.I have a son named S'nethemba and he is the best thing to have happened to my life so far. Before i joined IYA...Read More
Name: Mercy Kayumba
Stage Name: N/A
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2008
Born in a family of six and I grew up in New Lobengula suburb. I became a part of IYASA in January 2008. I must say I enjoy working with these friendly people, with such a strong family unit. They make my job so easy. I believe in simplicity and standing up for anything that affords me the brightest...Read More
Name: Antonetta Sibanda
Stage Name: Tony
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA:
I\'am first born in a family of three, two girls and one boy.

I went to Gampu primary school and then proceeded to Mpopoma High school were I had my first experience with IYASA, known then as Mpopoma High School Drama club.

Besides being on stage as a performer I am also one of th...Read More
Name: Roben Mlauzi
Stage Name: Mabhombaya
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2005
I was born in a family of 9 children I am the fifth born. I joined Iyasa in 2005 and I am the rehearsal manager....Read More
Name: Kudakwashe Jonga
Stage Name: Kuduru
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2001
I grew up in Bulawayo, and went to Nkulumane Primary School. I then went to Mpopoma High School for my secondary education where I started working with what is now IYASA then the school drama club.

I act, I play the drums, I sing and I dance and I am also a costume manager.

Read More
Name: Nothando Phiri
Stage Name: Thandory
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2005
I am 9th born in my family.I went to Gampu primary in Bulawayo where I started off as a traditional dancer....Read More
Name: Nqobizitha Ncube
Stage Name:
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2001
My hobbies are going out and relaxing with friends. I dislike gossip mongers and my mother inspired me a lot to become an artist. My role model is South African artist MANDOZA. My favourite group besides IYASA is Siyaya also from Bulawayo. I don’t think I have a nickname yet. ...Read More
Name: Petronella Sibanda
Stage Name:
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2006
N/A...Read More
Name: Sithembeni Buhlenkosi Sibanda
Stage Name: Madah
Location: Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2005
I am a product of Insukamini Primary School. This is where I started of as a traditional dancer.I uesd to watch my sister perform and really wanted to be like her.When she went out I would steal her costume, put it on and dance and admire myself on the mirror with all imagination.The arts were just ...Read More
Name: Nkanyezi M Ndlovu
Stage Name: Goba
Location: Bulawayo,Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 25th of March 2009
I started off at Harsh Touch and realized that to reach my potential Iyasa would be the prime goal.I also used to perform a lot in bridal teams at weddings before I decided to take on an arts career.When I first joined IYASA I never thought I could dance nor act.My director encouraged me to be patie...Read More
Name: Cheryl Mabaya
Stage Name: NaLolly , Cherrie or Bucca
Location: Austria (April to August),Zimbabwe (August to March)
Joined IYASA: in 2003
When I was young I had so much passion for dancing and singing.I used to be invited to so many birthday parties just to dance.I remember at one time on my way to the shops I heard my favourite song by Brenda Fassie playing loud nearby and burst into song and dance right there in the middle of the ro...Read More
Name: Alice Gurure
Stage Name: Alingo
Location: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: in 2009
I always had a passion for the arts.For me Iyasa was the true example of where I felt my dreams could come true.I am still new in the game but the future looks bright, I have learnt a lot already.I am in love with house music and i have a son i treasure so much christened Snethemba.He is my everythi...Read More
Name: Dorcas Ngwenya
Stage Name: Dzakie or Mamtshalie
Location: Bulawayo,Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 10 January 2009
I am 2nd born in my family.I first joined Mpopoma High School drama club at the peak of their success but could not stay with the team due to circumstances beyond my control.I later rejoined the group as IYASA in 2009 and I am working my way up everyday....Read More
Name: Njabulo Gondwe
Stage Name: Jay-Bee
Location: Bulawayo,Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2005
My interest in the arts started at Thekwane High School and I joined the Thekwane High School Drama Club.I also had an interest in being a disc jockey inspired by my brother Njabulo who is part of the Premier League Djs together with great personalities such as Kudzi Marudza and Joe Hussein....Read More
Name: Thandazani Hlabangana
Stage Name: Sahwira
Location: Bulawayo,Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2009
I started off with Hloseni Arts and later decided to try it out at Iyasa and I am really enjoying every moment.I am third born in a family of 8...Read More
Name: Newman Trinidad
Stage Name: Newboy
Location: Bulawayo
Joined IYASA: 2011
We are 5 in my family.I started performing when I was a child, I suppose it followed the fact that my father was a renowned actor and producer.When I was 10 I became a football player but because the arts were my calling I joined Siyaya Arts in 2009.In 2011 I moved to IYASA and this is where my home...Read More
Name: Raphael Ncube
Stage Name: Raffy
Location: Bulawayo
Joined IYASA: ......
.......................Read More
Name: Lameck Keswa
Stage Name: Lamzoe
Location: Austria (March-August), Zimbabwe (August-March)
Joined IYASA: 2010
I was born on the 16th of November in 1988.I live in Bulawayo's Mabutweni suburb together with my parents,two brothers and one sister.I like listening to music, watching movies and hanging around with my friends.I got involved in the arts when I was 14, in the year 2002 at Rays of Hope.Since I was s...Read More
Name: Tracy Asher
Stage Name: Mkharadie
Location: Bulawayo
Joined IYASA: 2013
I am coloured.I am very kind but I do have my downs! I suppose that is natural.Before I joined IYASA I worked with a dance group called Harsh Touch....Read More
Name: Lebani Butawo
Stage Name: Muruti (Pastor)
Location: Bulawayo,Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2001
I was born in Bulawayo,Zimbabwe.I am a reliable, diligent and trustworthy man.I have always enjoyed performing on stage and as a result I became an outstanding artist a year after I joined the Mpopoma High School Drama Club.I have been to USA,Malawi,Botswana and also managed some workshops and cultu...Read More
Name: Michelle Musopero
Stage Name: Mitchie or Mimi
Location: Bulawayo
Joined IYASA: 2011
I was born on the 28th of July 1993.I am a very friendly but ambitious person.My best friend is Tracy Asher.I like having fun and going to church.I once was a model before I ventured into the arts.I lost my mother when I was very young.Since that time I grew up into a very responsible person and wit...Read More
Name: Yvonne Masuku
Stage Name: NaMboma
Location: Bulawayo,Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA:
I briefly worked with most of IYASA members when they were still at Mpopoma High School and later rejoined them when IYASA went professional...Read More
Name: Nkosinathi Siziba
Stage Name: Mahnn or Nkore
Location: Bulawayo
Joined IYASA: 2009
I have been here and there.I worked with groups like Fresh Mix and Kaisa before I moved to IYASA to develop my talent and earn a living at the same time.Interesting enough I also played soccer for teams like Mthala,Highlanders and Amazulu.I also performed with a musical group called Ghetto Prophets...Read More
Name: Precious Mathuthu
Stage Name: Skippy
Location: Bulawayo
Joined IYASA: 2013
Before I joined IYASA I worked with a group called Harsh touch.I had interest in the arts since I was at school doing mt grade 5.I am 9th born in my family....Read More
Name: Aaron Chikondawanga
Stage Name: Maroza or Maroe
Location: Bulawayo,Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2013
I am born to a family of 8 and I am last....Read More
Name: Mbongeni Nxumalo
Stage Name: Mbotso
Location: Bulawayo,Zimbabwe
Joined IYASA: 2012
My journey in the arts began when I was at primary school.I was a dancer in a cultural club at Inkanyezi Primary school and for my effort I was awarded the honors of best dancer on the schools prize giving day.When I graduated to secondary school the trend continued and I was awarded a prize for bei...Read More